The Eternal Seductress Narcissist?

The seductress type narcissist is very difficult to trace. She is more difficult to inquire into than covert narcissist as there is some hidden amazedness, rakishness, chariness, and ravish ness in her looks and body that is very captivating and seducing.
 The Eternal Seductress narcissist?
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 After seeing so many narcissists in life and having purposeful interaction and encounters with them; if any single quality of narcissist especially female narcissists that fascinates me deeply is their inherent seducing and ravishing behavior. This is very obvious and evident even during first encounter with a narcissist. Their every motion of the body and every gesture of the body are seducing and enticing in nature leading slowly to ravishment of the target.. Saying nothing from their tongue they are sending you messages through seduction. It is difficult to imagine that they display such gesture purposefully or not. The seductress

narcissist may bare her breast unconsciously for your gaze to see her breast pretending as if she is itching there. While sitting on coffee table in some restaurants she may touch your foot unconsciously and simultaneously saying sorry for that.  She may catch your figures in the pretext of seeing your hand lines and making some future prediction about you. Now a day’s palmistry is a common stratagem to attract people. I can count endless such gestures here but my aim here is not making catalogue of such seducing gestures rather than understudying the process of seduction.

 Some seductresses had god gifted sweet tongue.  None can surpass a seductress in “sweetness and politeness of tongue” they talk in a very low sweet voice with tinge of innocence. You are enticed by her majesty and modesty of talking. When such a seductress is talking with you in a maiden meeting her face impression and movement of eyes and lips are to be noted. There is some “depth and meaning” in her looks too. It seems as if her searching looks are finding something in you which you are not aware. She may purposefully or unconsciously suck her lips as if she is chewing something. Her whole body language is sending a secret message to you for decoding. Her body language is simply amazing. Suppose you are successful in reading the language of her secret messages and body language than there is every possibility that she may thwart your advance. It is again a hysterical trait to attract and seduce more to the extreme of your total submission and surrender

 Kali archetype

Mother earth is the primordial archetype; that gets expressed in women in various patterns of maternal behaviors such as: dedication, upbringing of child, in caring and protecting attitude, sympathy and empathetic. There is no place for loving and caring in this archetype of women. It is one type of mother archetypes. The exact opposite of this archetype also exists in women and that is of evilness, seduction, and of a woman sucking blood of her own children and killing them to gratify his eternal hunger. Here she is the model of cruelty, tyranny, wickedness and wildness. This type of archetype is also beautifully expressed in mythology. The modern narcissist seductress also falls under this archetype of mother earth. In Hindu religious traditions this archetype of women has been designated as “Maya” and has been allegorized with female serpent that eats her own offspring.

The word seduction has wide ramifications. But in modern times it has been fixed to or reduced to sexual seduction or exploitation. Seduction is inborn attitude of the person or

mental process in which the subject deliberately or unconsciously tries to entice a person to astray, as from duty, rectitude, to corrupt, to persuade or induce to engage in sexual behavior. How the moral defenses of the victim are shattered while confronting such a behavior is really fascinating and stunning too! The word seduction has been derived from Latin and its literally meaning is “to lead astray” now this word has almost become synonymous for “sexual seduction”


By studying and analyzing wiles and stratagem of historical seductresses we find some commonness in the execution of their love art to ravish their victims. But there is no force or assault in this ravishment. Many sub types of seductress archetypes may be found. All the prototypes of seductresses display the trait of enticing alluring and elusiveness.

The archetype of “trickster” is embedded and intermingled with the seductress archetype. It is the trickster archetype hidden in their psyche that makes their behavior maneuvering and manipulative type.  Some cases of such seductresses constitute high intellectual faculties. These women are of high caliber and of high profile occupying high lucrative posts. They inherently know how to twist the course of events in their favour. Sex, youth ness, beauty, charm are the main wiles used by them to seduce the opposite sex.  The one more   stratagem used by all seductresses is dissolution their ego temporally. It is this that makes them more attracting and seducing in nature. In the web pages “grandiosity and ego inflation” has been depicted as hallmark of a narcissist woman. In Punjabi culture there is a popular colloquial word for seduction that is “momo tthagni” .Its meaning is to ravish or plunder someone by becoming wax. The sold wax of their inner candle the candle of ego, starts melting on seeing their target. I see it as another cunningness hidden in their behavior. It is in fact preparation for further ambush your personality.  It is the process of melting of the ego together with love making art that compels the victim to come more and more near and have emotional togetherness and connectedness. Once this togetherness or connectedness is established the true color of the seductive narcissist starts coming out. What was perceived as most charming and beautiful is turned into cruelty, tyranny and ugliness in subsequent encounters. This elusiveness of behavior is the secret of their seduction. They are “mirage women” for their victims. Now all their exaggerated emotionality and sensuousness turns into “sourness and bitterness”. This sourness and bitterness was inside of them but was hidden from your purview.  Actually what we call casting of spell is nothing but stupefaction of our senses and stupidity and ignorance of our minds temporarily under the spell of our selfishness. On a particular moment we become so overwhelmed by some idea that our nervous system and thinking system is shut off temporarily and is pralysed.


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