Psychodynamics Of The Narcissist And The Dilemma Of The Psychotherapeutic Agent Treating Him

The psycho dynamics of a narcissist is very confusing and elusive type that is why we have variety of narcissist. It is always at with himself and never at ease and peace. Hi mind is such a tangle of complexes and half truths that if surface level one complex is healed than another deeper complex raises its ugly head and it is unending series of deception, lies, wiles, stratagem , manipulations cunningness, and slyness.
Psychodynamics of the Narcissist and the dilemma of the psychotherapeutic agent treating him
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 Narcissism has become the way of life of people. More and more people are falling prey to it. It is really a challenge to treat a narcissist suffering from bodily ailment. The psychologist or the psycho therapeutic treating the person suffering from narcissism personality disorder knows that behind every known case of narcissism there is a dark undercurrent of secrecy and concealment. How to make holes in the strong invincible defenses put up by narcissist during psycho- therapeutic session.


First of all or in the first instance he will never visits therapeutic of his own, whatever the severe nature of the

ailment may be. If the family members compel him to approach a member of the therapeutic faculty, he will never admit that he or she has any temperamental or behavioral problem. He has always in the denial and rejection mood throughout his life. He rejects everything. It is his life style, his way of doing things. He rejects his wife, his family, his wife, his friend, his surrounding, above all he rejects his own self.


Similarly he rejects the doctor. He rejects medicines and therapeutic sessions. Why it is so? It is because of always being living in delusional state of mind of grandiosity and superiority. But this is only compensation of his inner fragile self. Infernally he feels ashamed of his dirty self. But can not admit it and projects his dirty self on others by blaming them. He is never in touch with ground realities of his life. He may be suffering from such a life threatening diseases as coronary artery disease or Aids but would never feel pains in his chest or psychoses but he comes in contact with reality of situation. He never admits that he is suffering from any disease.  He always thinks himself well. He thinks what is use of medicine when he is well or perhaps may think negatively that doctor wants him entrap to know his secrets such is the psycho dynamics of the  true narcissist.



In the end he becomes very suspicious of the motive of the others attending on him. Internally he is always conscious of his corrupt and immoral deprivations and by projecting these on the outside world he thinks everyone of having same mentality. I still remember the exact word of a narcissist while dealing him,” May be you are the doctor but you

are also a man first. How can I reveal my secrets to you? From secrets he means his illicit life full of sins and secret vices; His promiscuity and shameless indulgence in drinking and sex orgies. Imagine how hard, tough and tenacious the built of his outer boundaries or shell of the narcissist is! It is meticulously well fortified. How safe guarding he is? How strong are his defenses? How difficult it is to break them? It is because of his inner self being very fragile and frail. He is living in a palace built of glass


 The narcissist psycho dynamics tend to be very complex and complicated. This complexity is seen even in average narcissist’s behavior. There is such a tangle and riddle of half truth, hiding in narcissist own self image that he trips all the time not only during therapeutic session but during his talk with general public also. There is special kind of tripping in his behavior. He trips the tongue all the time especially during therapeutic session. He is in constant danger of leaking some information all the time. He is very alert and cautious. He starts a sentence and stops in between. If you happen to be a keen observer you will see many trips of the tongue or eating of words. There is constant effort and struggle with the self not to leak any iota of information even inadvertently that may land him/ her in trouble. He is extra conscious of his false self that feels true to him. It is not because of memory as in aged person or abstraction of mind, what a calculated attempt to suppress secrets of vices and adultery. He is always in controversy with himself fearing and concealing something all the time. The narcissist is not only manipulative in handling and doing things meticulously leaving no chance to error, or any terrace to be caught, but in talking and speaking also. While seducing people he knows what to be said and done at what occasion? He is patiently in wait for the occasion to arrive to hit the prey on head while iron is hot.     

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